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About Us

We visited and rented Boyne Mountain units for several years as our children were learning to ski - who am I kidding I was learning as well :).  After several annual trips, we deicided it made sense to purhcase a unit for our use during ski season.  After purchasing the unit, we began to visit during every season - not just ski season.  We were so impressed with the amount of activies offered by Boyne and the surrounding areas that we decided we wanted to share our unit with others and began to rent it.  We quickly realized that we were having fun meeting people from all walks of life and LOVED helping them make lasting memories with family and friends.  We decided to purchase additional units to share with others.  We personally own and rent all of our units.  Therefore, have a vested interest in our units and our clients.   We hope that you give us a try and make some lasting memories yourself.


Unique Benefits of our Condos:
We chose these particular units due to their location to the slopes and the main village.  Located just a short walk from the Boyneland Run, these units offer ideal Ski-In/Ski-Out access. They are also situated close to the base of the mountain which is the only part of the mountain to offer night skiing.


Unlike most other condos, we have enclosed the lofts making for private loft suites in all units. In doing so, it offers privacy for people in the loft while allowing others to use the living area to visit or watch TV without disturbing those in the loft.  Our lower levels also include an extra block in the ceiling making the lower levels more open and airy than other Disciples condos.  Our kitchens are fully stocked with all the comforts of home.  Units 624 and 626 are located in the same building making it an ideal location for large gatherings of friends and family.


We hope you'll give us a try and become part of our lasting memory makers.

Boyne Mountain
Boyne Mountain
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